Kevin RusenstromBoard Member

    “Fearless Aging is accepting my aging with a great attitude!”

    Kevin Rusenstrom has been part of the Foundation for 3 years and currently serves as President. Kevin loves being a part of the Foundation because Senior Citizens are a joy to work with!  He loves creating events, finding monies, supporting and funding works throughout Southwest Missouri, specifically the Senior Centers associated with SeniorAge AAA.

    A son, brother, husband, father, and grandfather, he nurtures and encourages everyone he knows. Just ask the folks at Elfindale Retirement Community, where he leads daily operations and strives to enrich both community and team members’ lives. Kevin’s free time is filled with reading, relaxing, and taking walks to ease his busy mind.

    Who was a senior who influenced you?

    My paternal grandmother, Margaret Loretta, always saw the best in me.  She shared her love and helped me understand how the world can be a better place when I engage and do my best.