Janet SusdorfBoard Member

    Janet Susdorf is a transplant from Ft. Wayne, Indiana (Go Hoosiers!). After living in the Ozarks for 20 years, Springfield feels like home.

    As a six-time cancer survivor and extreme amputee, Janet appreciates every minute of life. She enjoys cooking for her son, Cory (15) and loves being a mom. Her older son has moved close to home. She loves the outdoors, movies, spending time with friends and her sassy husky, Kira, who can often be found on “the other side” of the fence.

    Who was a senior who influenced you?

    My parents have taught me to never give up. If there’s a will, there’s a way – even if the way is different than you thought it would be. My parents are now seniors and they are still active and do too much. That’s the secret – keep moving!

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