Heather JohansenExecutive Director

    “Fearless Aging is all about challenging yourself!”

    Heather Johansen is the Executive Director of the Foundation. A native of the Ozarks, she thinks Southwest Missouri is a fabulous place to age!
    Along with conducting daily operations, she builds partnerships with donors, businesses, non-profits, senior centers, and members of the community. She hopes to empower seniors and those that love them, educate others about the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors, and encourage everyone to embrace the age they are!
    Heather loves baking (and eating!), fumbling her way around an acoustic guitar, attempting to crochet, and creating chaos with husband, Chad, and daughter, Penelope. You might find her milling around the candy aisle at Walgreens or taking in some culture in Downtown Springfield. The key to her heart is Andy’s Frozen Custard!

    Who was a senior who influenced you?

    Throughout my life, I have always had a strong connection with seniors. I find them a source of strength and comfort. My grandparents, Rose Mary and Marvin, were the biggest influence and although they are gone, they continue to motivate me. They taught me to get involved, show up when needed, and look for those who need help.