Our Impact

“Home is where we feel welcome, safe, nourished and happy. This is our goal for each person who enters our doors. Thank you for coming to the rescue many times with equipment needs that allow us to give our seniors what they need for a homey experience!”

Angie Nordquist – Cabool Senior Center Administrator

We are proud to support 36 senior centers in 17 counties in SW Missouri and our partner, SeniorAge AAA. Our impact is local and our investment in the Ozarks has been strong for the past 28 years.

Last year Senior Foundation of the Ozarks awarded grants totaling over $71,000 to Senior Centers and our partner, SeniorAge AAA!

  • Grants for stoves, refrigerators and freezers mean more meals to our Ozarks’ neighbors.
  • Building expansions allow centers to grow and serve their community in the best way.
  • Training for Tax Counselors, mean more seniors are getting the tax credits they deserve!
  • Wellness grants help seniors manage and live life to the fullest in spite of chronic conditions or age!
  • Money for roof repairs makes certain that centers are a safe place for everyone.

Senior Centers are more than a meal. Senior Centers encourage people to remain active, social and a vital part of their local community. In rural parts of our state, the Senior Center serves as a touchstone for our homebound neighbors who need a link to nourishment, advocacy, and information.

We are humbled by the work being done daily by SeniorAge employees and the volunteers at every Senior Center. We think they are AMAZING and are proud to support them.

Angie and Heather Senior Foundation of the Ozarks