Today I was consoling my friend, Rita, on the loss of her brother. We spoke of days that are never promised and time that can never be bought back. As we parted she turned and said to me “love them well.” I latched on to her words, writing them down as soon as I could, knowing they might get away before I could master them. I was struck by both the simplicity and the poignancy of what she said.

I must mention that Rita, like many folks I receive profound wisdom from, is a senior. She and I share a love of flowing sweaters, pants that stretch, and a good laugh. I feel better having her around.

As I get older, time seems to slip by faster and attempts to narrow my focus seem futile. I, like many of you reading this, find myself living by calendars and handwritten to-do lists scrawled everywhere. Each year, especially at holidays, a new sense of urgency unveils itself. I think everything has to be done according to a set of outlandish standards I have determined in my own little mind. Does my family expect this? No. Do my friends require a certain level of perfection from me? No they do not.

So, what if from now on I just take Rita’s advice and simply begin by loving them well? Start the New Year by being fully present and devoted to the moments as they come. No one can turn back time, but we can make the most of the minutes we have right now. At the eleventh hour of 2017 I may have come across the most valuable piece of advice ever. Thank you, Rita.

Here’s to loving well, finding joy in the smallest moments, and living fearlessly.

Have lovely holidays and abundant blessings in 2018.

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  • Krissy Sinor

    You too, Heather. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Season’s Greetings. Happy New Year!

  • Julie


  • JJ

    I love this. Thanks Heather.

  • Debbie

    January 2017 dealt me a serious blow! In April the blow became excruciating as I believed my end was near but I was given not only extra time but truth and reality were revealed to me! “Live today” because tomorrow is not a given, not a promise not my constitutional right! This holiday season has demonstrated to me that not only is my tomorrow not a given, but my loved ones, my dear friends, people I care for and people you all care for is also not a given. The loss of dear ones, is by far, worse than facing my leaving this earthly planet. I will abide by living in the present and now I will have a term for what I will do from this moment forward and that is to “love them well”! Thank you for this gift, the best gift I could receive, and may all of you recovering from a loss in your lives be comforted by fond memories, by having “loved well” and by the belief that you will one day be reunited!

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