Last one for 2018…

Heather Johansen

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”
― T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

What word sums up 2018 for you? Not sure which word would sum up Senior Foundation’s year. Change? Growth? Fearless? (Ok, we like to think fearless is always our word!)

We moved into an office downtown, made new partners, added a new board member, and saw our beloved Hearld retire as one of our Directors. 2018 has been an exciting, and sometimes scary time for us.

In business, like personal life, there is always some hesitation and anxieties that go hand in hand with change. Will the new people we meet like us? Will we be heard? Are we doing enough? How can we do more?

This year we didn’t let being scared stop us. Maybe because we were encouraged and energized by the seniors we support. We were amazed and inspired by the dedicated volunteers and staff at all of the Senior Centers right here in the Ozarks.

We continue to be grateful to SeniorAge and their staff; people who dedicate their lives to making the Ozarks a great place to age.

Maybe our word for 2019 should be TOGETHER.

None of us get through this life without someone to lean on, walk beside us, lift us up. The older we get, the more we need each other.

So here’s to 2019.. we can handle what ever you bring us.

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