Factors to Consider When Moving a Senior Parent Into a Living Community

Important Factors To Always Remember When Looking For A Senior Living Community For Your Parents

Helping your parents transition into memory care, or an assisted senior living community isn’t far from moving from one home to a new life. It can be considered as an overwhelming life event. With so many things to consider, how can you be guaranteed that you’ll be sending your parents to the right community? Here are some important factors to take into consideration before making the “next move”.

Reviews And Reputation

As you do your regular visits to various senior living communities, first impressions do indeed count. But sometimes, you have to look beyond and consider more than what your first impression is. Check reviews and see what other people say about the said community. You may have a long list of communities to consider, and you can shorten that list by initially checking reviews.

Doing this beforehand lets you weed out the communities that have a bad reputation from communities with superb reviews. Check their Facebook page and/or their website to see what other people say about the community. The last thing that we wanted to do is to send our parents to a community that doesn’t care for them well, don’t we? Garden Court is a great community if you live near Seattle, Washington (check out assisted living community Everett).


Second on our list is the cleanliness of the place. Generally speaking, after visiting the community, what can you say about the place’s cleanliness? We only wanted what’s best for our parents, and we don’t want them to be spending their daily lives in a nasty environment. As mentioned earlier, consider this as their next home. Would you let them live in a place that’s not well-maintained?

Don’t stop at the surroundings. Don’t forget to ask how often the sheets are changed and how often the rooms are cleaned. Some communities have different answers and make sure that you choose one that meets your standards.


Senior living communities have varying price ranges, and it all depends on the condition of the patient. For those residents that may be suffering from mild cognitive impairment, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, expect that the costs may get higher. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to ask about their pricing and available payment arrangements. Remember, not all high-cost senior communities are the best, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that cheaper prices mean it’s a good deal. Price is just one factor to take into consideration, mix it along with the first two that we’ve discussed above, and the other two that we’ll talk about below.


One of the most essential factors to consider when looking for a senior community is the ratio of residents to employees. You don’t want to send your parents to a place where there’s a small number of employees. How can you be sure that they can attend to their needs? How can you be sure that your parents are well-cared for? The employee to resident ratio is crucial, so make sure to watch out for it.

Inclusions And Facilities

When you visit the senior community, check their facilities, and this includes how often you can visit your parents. Ask for a tour around the community. Do they have a garden, or is there a hairdresser that regularly pays a visit? How about other exercise facilities? Do they have other places of interest? From there, take out your list and cross out those that don’t have the facilities that you’re looking for.

Searching for a living community for your parents is like finding their next home – so make sure that you invest your time and pay attention even to the smallest details. Don’t rush your decision. Compare, check reviews, take a tour, check pricing, and think about it twice. Taking into consideration the points listed above will guarantee that you’ll be able to find your parents their next home.