A (sort of) Love Letter to You 🧡

Heather Johansen

Autumn is my MOST FAVORITE time of the year. Because of this love, I feel the need to get all I can out of my days off. Weekends fill up quickly with charity events, festivals, spooky dances and tricks or treats in various forms. Facebook loves to remind me of the countless events I am “interested” in, which usually brings me to the realization that I have booked no less than 3 events into the same day.

Oh, did I mention so many of these adventures are for a “good cause”? A phrase that use to wash right over me, but now that I am on the other end of it, I instantly perk up when I hear those words. And let’s face it, the non-profit world around here is vast and competitive; all of us vying for a smidgeon of your attention and, to be honest, money. I don’t know how you do it. Honestly. How do you keep all these causes in your head and try to pluck out the ones that matter most?

I know for me, HUNGER, is an issue that energizes me and stirs me to action. The thought that someone, anyone, is hungry and has no, or little, access to food is unacceptable to me. That is why I love the work that SeniorAge AAA, Meals on Wheels and Ozarks Food Harvest all do in our communities. Feeding people is close to my heart. (Does that make my “love language” food? I dunno, I’ve never read that book, but know I show people affection by feeding them, so it makes sense)

(Before I spin off into another subject all together, back to my original thought.)

You follow us on social media and it seems like we are constantly asking you to DO SOMETHING. (Ugh, I know. I might get tired of me too. I promise I try not to be too annoying, but I digress.) Trust me when I say, we don’t do this because we think you don’t have enough on your plate. We don’t ask you to partner with us because we like to be bossy and tell you what to do. We don’t ask for your donations because we think you have bags of gold sitting at your feet with nowhere to go.

We ask because none of this works without you.

We are nothing if we don’t have our partners; people just like you in the community who take a couple of minutes and donate. People like you who grab a Christmas Mile and 5K registration and create a new holiday tradition for your family. People like you who share our information with your boss and encourage them to sponsor our Fearless Aging Festival. People like you who understand that at some point in your life you might need a little help.

Last year we, and YOU, granted over $50,000 to senior centers and programs that nourish seniors in so many ways. Equipment was purchased to make and move meals; kitchens were repaired or built to expand the reach of a center; roofs were repaired to seniors could safely congregate for food and fellowship.

None of this would have happened without YOU.

You, dear one, are the crucial ingredient to our recipe. So, thank you, sweet supporter.

YOU are the reason we shine!






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